Shoprite Checkers Championship Boerewors Competition 2014

Valley of the Waves, Sun City

The Challenge

As with any event being setup on sandy locations, this one is no differnt having to be buit in the heat of summer on the sandy shores of Sun City's man made beach.

Having had experience of this location, the team new of to risks and limitations, but as with any event and planning nothing could be assumed.



The Solution

Once all the planning details were put in place including, wight load certidfication. power calculations and usage and the effect of heat and conditions on the gear, the teach began the build.


To over come the sandy shore, the stage was built using poles to ensure that sth woeght of the structre was supported in the hard surface below the sand.


All elements affected by direct sunlight were designed to be covered and protected.  A daylight LED screen was utilised to ensure that was adequate brightness during the day and into the sunset.

Technical Specifications

Audio Visual

Audio visual consisted of 8m x 4,8m 6mm outdoor LED Screen powered by Watchout V5 and Archaos.


Full intel lighting rig consisting of Robe Pointe, driven by Avolite desk and integrated into the Archaos system for seals control.



Full JBL Line Array with 12 a side tops and 8 Subs, powered by Behringer 32X Audio desk


A 16m x 12m Stage with truss roof structure was used, along with 2m x 2m Drum riser. PA towers were branded to keep he stage aesthetically pleasing.


Backline was supplied for entertainment consisting of Kurt Darren


Capacity: 2000 Attendees

Location: Sun City, South Africa


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